The Weight of One Star

November 2, 2016

5 stars contribute substantially to a constellation.

In said form, it only takes 4 stars to hold liquid and 3 stars seem capable of holding up Orion’s…pants(?).

Even 2 stars can serve as the heads of twins, a sword, or a small, faithful companion.

But 1 star doesn’t feel that obligation to be a part of anything.

1 star goes rogue.

1 star can sometimes break free from space and find itself on a collision course toward the nearest gravitational temptation, resulting in what scientists might call “an extinction event.”


We witnessed such an event last week when we felt the impact of a 1 star review on Amazon. It hit us. It landed with such a resounding thud that we looked to see if our planet was still intact. It seemed we were okay. Game Night in a Can was still alive and largely unaffected by first contact with this lone, rebellious one star review.


If it had just been the two of us alerted to such an event, we would have been fine. We would have dismissed it as an outlier, an aberration. And we did. But other people seemed to notice (one star can put on quite a show). People saw this thing burning up the atmosphere, announcing itself on our Amazon product listing page, lighting up the sky so brightly that none of our other pretty constellations had a glimmer of hope at being seen. Those who were looking to purchase our can of games were distracted, otherwise convinced and easily persuaded to leave. Our sales came to a grinding halt.


Days after its initial impact with the planet we’ve been fastidiously building, this one star review continued to make its presence felt. The dust it kicked up blacked out the sky. A cloud of negative vibes, questionable matter and suspicious gasses overshadowed our planet. 36 hours went by and nobody was buying what we were selling. I mean, how could they? The sky was falling.


This is how it feels when you’re the little guy in a big marketplace. We’re not big enough to absorb such a wallop. We’re working on getting there, but we’ve got a ways to go. We’re building our planet. When you set out to do something as audacious as that, you need to expect that things will fly your way and collide with you in space. And you need to know that what you’re building is not for everyone. What appeals as a hospitable atmosphere to some may be completely toxic to others. That’s true with all art and business. And we’re content with that. We’re not building it for everyone, you’ll know if you belong here.


So our numbers suffered a small setback. Sales have slowly resumed and we are undeterred from our path of planet building. Many of you will like what we’re doing, what we have to offer. Many of you will read the content of that 1 star review and think, “hey, that actually sounds like fun to me!” I know we did. Many of you will offer up your own constellations, guiding others to our site, explaining what they can expect to find there.


We’re building and building and you are welcome to join us as we do. We’ll all be building this thing together.

And when we’re done, our planet will be beautiful…craters and all.

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