Barry's on another Game Show this Thursday!

June 6, 2017

Well...I'm at it again! This will be my 7th game show in 20 years. And while I don't want to spoil it for anyone, I can say without question that my brain was completely made of farts on this one.


A little context: when my newlywed wife Jade and I walked into the building around 7am, we had just returned a couple days before from our honeymoon trip out to Standing Rock. Jade had never been on a game show before, so after protesting a pipeline and meeting indigenous people from all over the world, stepping into the fake-reality of a game show was a bit rattling.


That being said, she did great. She did better than me. And I'm the game show guy!!


My game show adventures all started in 1998 when I won the Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right. I got a Ford Mustang, a grandfather clock, carpeting, furniture, baby toys, all the stuff a college sophomore needs and definitely has space for. It was incredible. The whole show was a blur. And no, I didn't get to play Plinko.


Ever since that dream came true, I've been chasing the game show dragon down casting hallways and well-lit sound stages.

The other shows were:



Russian Roulette

Shop Till You Drop

Celebrity Says


and 1 vs 100 (kind of)


Why the "kind of" for the last one? Well, I was "too comfortable on stage" to be cast as the sole contestant, so I was made part of the 100-person mob. However, on the day we showed up, which happened to be the first day of taping, they didn't think they were ready. So they needed to do a full run-through and they brought on old "too comfortable on stage" guy Barry. Everything was real: the questions, the lights, the set, the dramatic cues, the audience,  Bob Saget (!). The only thing that wasn't real was that I wouldn't actually get whatever I won. And man oh man was that a bummer.


I was killing it! I was gobbling up cash like a real Money Monster. The big one, the question that got me from $200,000 up to $350,000, had something to do with knowing that "occlusal" was related to dental practices. And that was only because I had a cavity filled the day before and heard the dentist say that word. I couldn't believe it! And then the producers said "OK, we got it. We're ready to go." And I was sent home with a $350,000 memory...and nothing else.


But who needs $350,000 when you can watch me and Jade battle it out for $10,000 this Thursday on Idiotest??  See ya there, my fellow game show nerds.

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