Lazer Babies & The Outdoor Party Game Brainstorm

August 6, 2018

Jason and I have started a new series called Game Blasters, where we create an entire game from scratch in under 30 minutes. It always starts with a game name brainstorm, or what we call a Game Blast.

After that we choose our favorite names, then whittle it down to the final winner.

We then begin developing the play and rules of that game until we have successfully created a hit new game in under half an hour.


Our 2nd episode found us searching for a brand new game to play outside, something for tailgating or playing at backyard barbecues. You know, corn hole, horseshoes, bocce ball, etc.


Here is the episode below. If you want to just read about what we created, skip to the text after this very entertaining Game Blast.




 Here is the Game Blast we created within a few minutes to think up the perfect summertime game names:


We decided that Slap Tunnel and The Bench of Destiny had to be involved somehow, but the name we saw as the clear winner was Lazer Babies. It's the perfect mix of funny and intriguing.

(Don't worry Fast Farts and Tree Finders, we'll come back for you soon...)


It turned out that (of course) Space Dogs Headquarters had a whole bucket of toy babies ready to go. They've been waiting their whole tiny lives for this moment of glory!


What Lazer Babies quickly turned into is a new version of lawn darts, where the babies' heads are weighted so that you can toss 'em into the sky and they land headfirst with their chubby little legs pointing up at the sun.


The game includes a 3-foot-wide scoring target and 2 different teams of babies.

If you toss it in the air like you would lawn darts, the points are 5, 3, and 1.

But if you "birth" the babies, by hiking them like a football between your legs,

the points are 10, 5, and 2!



Each round, each player is allowed to create a Slap Tunnel for one of their opponent's throws. This means that when your opponent tosses that baby, you are allowed to stand outside of the target with your feet planted, and try to slap the baby out of the air with one hand.


First player or team to 21 points wins the game and gets their picture taken on The Bench of Destiny, with their Lazer Babies triumphantly sitting next to them.


Babies, start your lazers!



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